Frequently-Asked Questions

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Downloading a copy of The Home Inspection Guide is completely and totally FREE to do.

Content changes as-needed. All change are reflected in the upper-right corner of the page on which the change occurs.

THE HOME INSPECTION KIT (-T H I K-) is a fully-customizable document designed around the needs of the Presenter. -T H I K- allows Presenters to have a greater level of control over the content they want to distribute.

Yes. If you choose to have printed copies ordered versus printing and binding your own copies, then contact us or the co-authoring home inspector cited in each regional issue .

No. However, contributing inspectors per state will be duly cited.

Yes. No marketing agreements, commission, fees, or payments of any kind have been arranged between inspectors who participate or any distributors of the document.

Yes. Whereas -T H I G- is a generalized informative document for real estate agencies, real estate associations, and media outlets, -T H I K- is much more personalized marketing document for individual inspectors, agents, and real estate-related professionals. Both documents are founded on the same content. However, -T H I K- is far more customizable to the individual presenter.