General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

This website uses cookies to improve your experience and allows us to monitor an aggregation of visitors by IP address and browser usage only. However, we do use some third-party services (such as DISQUS Commenting and PayPal payment forms) that may require you to register login information with them to use their services. We DO NOT receive copies of this information from our third-party service providers unless it is relevant to our ability to serve our visitors. Please do not use this website if you are opposed to this.

Privacy Policy

No information that you submit to us, directly, is ever shared with anyone, for any reason, and we guarantee that. Your contact information which you submit through any online forms on this website is purposefully presented to either our staff and/or our third-party service providers as a condition of using either our website or their services,for improving your experience on THIS website alone. That said, we do not, and cannot, control how third-party service choose to use any information that you submit through their embedded products and services.